Collaborating to improve patient health
Partner with us

Our organization has a long history of partnering with companies to leverage mutual R&D and commercial capabilities to advance its growth. Responsible for Teva’s specialty medicine business in Canada, we are empowered to identify and execute Canadian-specific business development opportunities.


Teva Canada Innovation has access to significant support and resources and is uniquely placed to leverage the strengths, experience and assets of Teva Pharmaceuticals, a global leader in generics production.

Key capabilities that make Teva Canada Innovation a partner of choice:

  • A highly collaborative organization deeply committed to improving patient health
  • Strong commercialization abilities through leadership in regulatory, market access and sales capabilities, in addition to highly rated patient support programs
  • Organizational structure that enhances communication and drives results
  • A proven track record for success
  • Open to a variety of deal structures

A partner of choice to companies seeking commercialization support and/or in-licensing opportunities, Teva Canada Innovation remains in search of new collaborators to join us on our journey. Poised for growth in the Canadian market, we are excited about the future and the ability to enable people to have greater control over their health and live life to its fullest potential.

Teva Canada Innovation is seeking in-licensing or collaborative opportunities in the later stage of clinical development in the following therapeutic areas:

  • CNS
  • Pain
  • Respiratory
  • Oncology
  • Biologics

For more information on becoming a partner please contact