Promoting new approaches and pioneering solutions to fight disease

Innovation at TCI

Innovation is central to Teva Canada Innovation’s culture and strategy, and underpins our goal of enabling people to have greater control over their health and live life to its fullest potential. We work to develop branded, speciality medicines and partner to bring novel delivery systems and support services to the patients and healthcare professionals we serve.

For us, innovation means developing safe, effective and well-tolerated products. It means promoting new approaches and pioneering solutions to fight diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, migraine, cancer; disorders affecting the neurological, immune and respiratory systems, and pathologies related to women’s health.

Above all, it means creating an ecosystem of care for those affected by these diseases because for us, the quality of life and health of our patients go hand in hand. That’s why maintaining close relationships with healthcare professionals and patient families remains an integral part of our mission.

Working closely with our partners, we are prioritizing the development of new products and medical technologies in the CNS, respiratory, and pain care therapeutic areas:


Growing our pipeline in the CNS, respiratory and pain care therapeutic areas is a priority for Teva Canada Innovation. Teva Pharmaceuticals has an exciting pipeline of products currently in development around the world. Our domestic growth strategy addresses the rapid pace of change in health markets, and the increasing trend towards patient-centred care and personalized medicine. In 2017, we will introduce a portfolio of new respiratory medicines and technologies to Canada, ranging from intuitive rescue and maintenance inhalers to a new targeted biologic option for patients with severe asthma, CINQAIR™, which was approved in Canada in 2016.

Read about our global Teva pipeline here

Research & Development: Medical Affairs

Teva Canada Innovation’s Medical Affairs team is responsible for providing medical support to the organization, and supporting its clinical research teams.

The goal of Medical Affairs is to advance the organization’s medical knowledge in key therapeutic areas, including: neurological disorders, auto-immune diseases, oncology, biologics, women’s health, pain and respiratory diseases. In line with the organization’s values, the team provides support to patients and healthcare professionals through the provision of medical information, scientific communications and educational activities.

The Medical Affairs team works closely with its U.S. counterparts and in close collaboration with Teva’s Global Clinical Research Group on Phase II and III research. These research projects target key therapeutic areas including neurological disorders, respiratory disease, and pain.

In addition to supporting global research, Medical Affairs works to design and implement new innovative projects in collaboration with Canadian scientists. Through a range of efforts, Medical Affairs works to improve the delivery of services to patients and develop new products that will improve the health outcomes of patients in Canada.

Research Partnerships

Should you or your organization be interested in partnering in a research initiative, please submit your proposal.